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IPmux-24 and IPmux-216

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IPmux-24 and IPmux-216 - TDM Pseudowire Access Gateways


IPmux-216 provides legacy services over packet networks. The device converts the data stream from its user E1/T1 ports into packets for transmission over the network. These packets are transmitted via the IPmux-216 Ethernet network port to the PSN. A remote pseudowire device converts the packets back to their original format.



IPmux-24 - IPmux-216 - TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway

Compact design, easy installation, and advanced traffic management capabilities

The devices’ compact design, ease of installation, and advanced traffic management capabilities enable carriers to extend their services from legacy backbones over greenfield packet networks, without affecting customer experience or replacing existing end-user equipment. They also allow service providers to add traditional leased line services to their Layer 2 portfolio and permit enterprises to reduce their IT expenses on PSTN connectivity and branch-to-branch communications. In addition, they support cellular operators in migrating their services to economical packet switched backhaul while maintaining the mobile network’s stringent synchronization requirements.



Key Features:


  • Comprehensive compliance with pseudowire/circuit emulation standards including TDMoIP, CESoPSN, SAToP, CESoETH and HDLCoPSN
  • Industry-leading adaptive clock recovery mechanism suitable for cellular backhaul over packet-based networks
  • Carrier-class/environmentally hardened device
  • Extensive OAM and performance monitoring capabilities
  • 3 Fast Ethernet copper ports or auto-detecting Gigabit copper/fiber SFP ports
  • 8 or 16 TDM service ports




IPmux-24 - IPmux-216 - Rad Application 



 IPmux-24 - IPmux-216 - Rad Application


IPmux-24 - IPmux-216 - Rad Application



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