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Kilomux-2100 and Kilomux-2104

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Kilomux-2100 and Kilomux-2104 - Subrate Multiservice Multiplexers


The Kilomux subrate multiservice multiplexers provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for integrating data, voice, fax, and LAN traffic over digital data services, leased lines, ISDN, and other services.



Kilomux-2100 and Kilomux-2104 - Subrate Multiservice Multiplexers

Low mux overhead and minimal end-to-end delay

The Kilomux can also deliver TDM traffic transparently over IP or Ethernet-based networks using pseudowire technology. Especially suited for the satellite environment, the Kilomux-2100 subrate multiservice multiplexer contains an elastic buffer to deal with the long delay introduced by the wireless path. Supporting SCADA and legacy analog voice interfaces, the Kilomux devices are also ideal for utility companies and air traffic control applications.

The low-overhead proprietary multiplexing, minimal end-to-end delay and allocated bandwidth of the Kilomux – together with voice compression – ensure the quality of service while maximizing utilization of the available bandwidth.




Key Features:


  • Maximized utilization of main-link bandwidth and high-quality low bit rate voice
  • Fractional E1/T1 links on main link modules
  • Operation over IP/Ethernet-based networks with TDMoIPÒ main link
  • Operation over radio and satellite links
  • Analog and digital voice interfaces, with fax and data modem transmission




Kilomux-2100 and 2104 - Rad Application 


 Kilomux-2100 and 2104 - Rad Application



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