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LRS-102 - 12-Slot Transparent Rack with SNMP Management


The LRS-102 is a cost-effective, modular central rack solution for RAD’s Optimux fiber multiplexers or ASMi-54 SHDSL.bis products, extending E1/T1s, data and Ethernet traffic up to 120 km (75 miles) over fiber optic links, and TDM and Ethernet over SHDSL.bis with rates up to 22.8 Mbps over copper.



LRS-102 - Fiber and Copper Mux Rack

High port density saves on colocation costs

A higher port density chassis occupying one-third of the space of the equivalent number of standalone units, the LRS-102 central solution saves on colocation costs and avoids multiple IP addresses in the network, resulting in a lower price per port. Typical LRS-102 applications include campus service sharing, Ethernet, data and voice range extension, cellular backhaul extension, video conferencing, and surveillance camera connectivity.



Key Features:


  • Up to 24 Ethernet ports and up to 192 E1/T1 links over fiber and copper
  • Low collocation costs, space and power
  • Single IP address
  • ASCII terminal or Telnet management
  • RADview SNMP management for convenient and low-cost maintenance on PC or Unix (HPOV) platforms




LRS-102 - Rad Application 


 LRS-102 - Rad Application


LRS-102 - Rad Application


LRS-102 - Rad Application



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