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Megaplex-1 - Multiservice Pseudowire Access Gateway


RAD’s Megaplex-1 is a compact, highly reliable multiservice access node that transports analog and TDM traffic originating from legacy circuit-switched devices, over packet-switched networks (PSNs).



Megaplex-1 - Multiservice Pseudowire Access Gateway

 Highly reliable delivery of TDM traffic over packet

The Megaplex-1 is specifically designed to address the needs of critical infrastructure network operators who are migrating to next-generation Ethernet or IP/MPLS communications. This includes utilities, transportation, and government users. It enables seamless service migration with a scalable TDM over packet pseudowire engine and comprehensive multiservice support for PDH, high and low-speed data, analog voice, and Teleprotection devices.


Key Features:


  • Grooming, consolidating and transmitting analog voice and TDM-based services over Ethernet, IP or MPLS networks using standard-compliant pseudowire technology
  • Bridge functionality for packet-switched networks with 2 optical/copper GbE uplinks and 1 FE user interface
  • Hitless PW redundancy
  • Wide range of services including E1/T1, FXS or E&M toll-quality analog voice channels, IEEE C37.94-compliant optical tele-protection, programmable serial ports
  • 1U, 19” fanless enclosure with redundant wide-range power supply (AC and DC)




Megaplex-1 - Multiservice Pseudowire Access Gateway 



 Megaplex-1 - Multiservice Pseudowire Access Gateway


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