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MiRICi-E1/T1 - MiRICi-E3/T3 - MiRIC-ML/E1/T1

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MiRICi-E1/T1, MiRICi-E3/T3, MiRIC-ML/E1, T1 - Smart SFP Ethernet to E1/T1 or E3/T3 Remote Bridges


RAD’s MiRICi-E1/T1, MiRICi-E3/T3, and MiRIC-ML/E1/T1 connect Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet LANs over framed or unframed E1 or T1 circuits, or over framed T3 links.


MiRICi-E1/T1, MiRICi-E3/T3, MiRIC-ML/E1/T1 - Smart SFP Ethernet to E1/T1 or E3/T3 Remote Bridgessystem on sfp - rad


FE or GbE over TDM with GFP, HDLC

The smart SFP miniature remote bridges provide TDM connectivity to any Ethernet device with an SFP (small form-factor pluggable) compatible Fast Ethernet or GbE port. Hot-swappable and software-configurable, the intelligent SFPs are fully managed devices supporting standard GFP encapsulation, as well as HDLC and cHDLC. MiRIC-ML supports PPP and ML-PPP, with the vAccess VNF as the virtualized service engine. They deliver a complete Ethernet over PDH solution in finger-sized SFP enclosures and enable a quick rollout of new Ethernet services over legacy TDM infrastructure. The MiRICi-E1/T1, MiRICi-E3/T3, and MiRIC-ML are part of RAD’s vCPE Toolkit. They provide simple and cost-effective alternatives to external, standalone bridge units or conversion cards for user devices, saving on space, cabling and power consumption, and simplifying management.


Key Features:


  • E1/T1 connectivity to any Ethernet device with SFP MSA-compatible socket
  • Full duplex, E1/T1 wire-speed packet forwarding
  • GFP, RAD HDLC, and cHDLC encapsulation
  • VLAN support according to 802.1p, including VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q) capabilities, allowing traffic separation and prioritization
  • Fault propagation to LAN link
  • Inband and out-of-band management for configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics
  • I2C management interface for simple management integration with host devices




MiRICi-E1/T1, MiRICi-E3/T3, MiRIC-ML/E1, T1 - RAD Application 


MiRICi-E1/T1, MiRICi-E3/T3, MiRIC-ML/E1, T1 - RAD Application



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