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MiTOP-E1/T1, MiTOP-E3/T3

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MiTOP-E1/T1, MiTOP-E3/T3 - Smart SFP-Format TDM Pseudowire Gateways


RAD’s MiTOP-E1/T1 and MiTOP-E3/T3 transport framed or unframed E1/T1 or E3/T3 traffic, respectively, over Ethernet, IP and MPLS networks.


MiTOP-E1/T1, MiTOP-E3/T3 - Smart SFP-Format TDM Pseudowire Gatewayssystem on sfp - rad

FE or GbE over TDM with GFP, HDLC

Featuring multi-standard pseudowire support and Synchronous Ethernet (Sync-E) in a finger-sized enclosure, the smart SFP devices provide an ideal solution for service providers, utility companies and enterprises wishing to ensure highly accurate timing synchronization for their legacy services while migrating to packet-switched transport. Part of RAD’s “System on an SFP” portfolio, the MiTOP-E1/T1 and MiTOP-E3/T3 are designed for quick and simple insertion into any Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet port with an MSA-compatible socket.


Key Features:


  • Miniature TDM pseudowire access gateway employing SAToP (RFC 4553) payload encapsulation
  • ASIC-based architecture for minimizing the processing delay
  • Advanced clock distribution mechanism, including synchronous Ethernet (Sync-E)
  • Configurable jitter buffer
  • Comprehensive OAM and performance monitoring




MiTOP-E1/T1, MiTOP-E3/T3 - RAD Application 


MiTOP-E1/T1, MiTOP-E3/T3 - RAD Application



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