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PacketLight - Complete Solutions for WDM/OTN and Dark Fiber Applications Layer 1 Encryption


The PL-300 family of products extends PacketLight’s optical network solution capabilities by providing a wide range of passive optical modules. The PL-300 provides the needed optical layer functions of 4/8/16/32/44/88 DWDM wavelength Multiplexing, 4/8/16 CWDM wavelength Multiplexing, Optical Dispersion Compensation Module (DCM), Optical Add and Drop (OADMs), splitter and combiners. The PL-300 interconnects seamlessly with PacketLight’s WDM product family and third-party WDM products to form cost-effective high capacity DWDM and CWDM solutions. The PL 300 provides low granularity wavelengths, add and drop capabilities and can be used to increase 4G and 10G solution reach. The PL-300 is PacketLight’s foundation for multi-chassis application architecture. With the PL-300, a customer can start with a low-cost solution that meets urgent needs and grow step by step to form a full 40 wavelength solution over a single or dual fiber as demand expands.


PacketLight - Complete Solutions for WDM/OTN and Dark Fiber Applications Layer 1 Encryption

Wide range of xWDM and dark fiber solutions

PacketLight solutions are ideal for a variety of vertical markets, such as carriers, ISPs, dark fiber providers, data centers, storage facilities, utility companies (railway and power companies), and financial institutions. The wide range of PacketLight xWDM and dark fiber solutions includes multi-rate sub-10G CWDM/DWDM platforms, 10G CWDM/DWDM and 100G solutions with built-in OTN options, muxponders, amplification, and booster solutions, WSS-based ROADMs, 10 x 1-GbE muxponders, and passive multiplexing solutions.



Key Features:


  • Maximize fiber utilization & capacity with a passive optical solution that is simple to install and maintain
  • Transparent optical Multiplexing of any DWDM or CWDM optical signal regardless of service type and rate
  • Support for Single and Dual fiber
  • Cost-effective, compact, 1U, for 4/8/16/32/44/88 WDM Multiplexing solution
  • Supports a variety of network topologies and addresses add and drop service needs
  • Provides extended optical reach with dispersion compensation module (DCM)
  • Seamless operation with all Packet- Light’s products to form up to 88 DWDM stackable solution for multiplexing optical services up to 100G each
  • Supports Full C-band and L-band
  • Supports 100GHz and 50GHz





PacketLight - RAD Application



PacketLight - RAD Application 



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