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PM Controller

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PM Controller - Performance Monitoring Generator


The PM Controller is a high capacity, central generator for always-on performance monitoring (PM), on-demand testing, diagnostics and troubleshooting of mobile backhaul networks, as well as for premium Carrier Ethernet and IP business services.


PM Controller - Performance Monitoring Generator

Non-disruptive add-on for the best performance monitoring

The PM Controller uses a wide variety of standard tools to provide deep visibility into network and service performance and to ensure optimal quality of experience in LTE/LTE-A networks, typically characterized by rapid small-cell deployment. Part of RAD’s Service Assured Access offering, the PM Controller works opposite routers, switches, mobile base stations, or third-party responders, as well as opposite RAD’s ETX and MiNID NIDs. As a non-disruptive add-on, the PM Controller is an ideal solution for existing heterogeneous networks. It enables top-line PM and testing in a dynamic environment regardless of the capabilities of the underlying installed base.


Key Features:


  • Acts as a generator for always-on and on-demand performance monitoring
  • Monitors Key Performance Indicators in heterogeneous mobile backhaul networks
  • Measures quality of experience in premium Carrier Ethernet and IP business services
  • Monitors diagnostics and troubleshooting with multidimensional tools
  • Allows online access and generates scheduled reports for service providers and end customers.





PM Controller- RAD Application 



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