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RIC-LC - Ethernet Converter for Multiple PDH Circuits


RAD’s RIC-LC is a Fast Ethernet over E1 converter that provides simple, efficient and cost-effective Ethernet connectivity over up to 16 bonded E1 links.


RIC-LC - Ethernet Converter for Multiple PDH Circuits

High capacity Ethernet services to remote locations over existing TDM infrastructure

The RIC-LC is deployed in point-to-point or hub-and-spoke topologies. It operates opposite Ethernet over TDM demarcation devices and aggregators, such as RAD’s RICi-16 and Egate-100, as well as opposite third-party gateways that support Ethernet over NG-PDH encapsulation and bonding techniques. The RIC-LC is an ideal solution for Ethernet Private Line and Ethernet Private LAN services, inter-office connectivity, and IP DSLAM, IP Node B and WiMAX base station backhaul over PDH access networks.


Key Features:


  • Delivery of Ethernet traffic over up to 16 bonded E1 ports using Ethernet over NG-PDH protocols
  • VLAN tagging and stacking for full separation of Ethernet user traffic from management data
  • Monitoring and diagnostic tools for quick fault isolation on TDM and Ethernet ports
  • TDM-to-Ethernet fault propagation
  • Extensive management capabilities including local and remote (inband and out-of-band) options





RIC-LC - RAD Application 


RIC-LC - RAD Application



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