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vAccess - Service Delivery and VNF Assurance


Part of RAD’s vCPE Toolbox, vAccess is a unique virtualized network function (VNF). It upgrades any white box operating system to carrier-grade by adding missing network interfaces (data-plane functionalities) and VNF assurance capabilities. It also provides control and management for RAD’s plugware.


vAccess - Service Delivery and VNF Assurance

Allows operators to offer new vCPE services over any access

White boxes are general-purpose, low-cost and easy to commoditize, but lack many functions and connectivity options that cannot always be virtualized. RAD’s vAccess bridges these gaps by supplementing universal CPEs (uCPEs) with universal access, enhanced performance monitoring, and diagnostics, and legacy service support – on a “buy-as-you-need” basis.




Key Features:


  • Adds data-plane functionalities
  • Controls and manages RAD pluggable devices
  • Introduces Service Assurance capabilities






vAccess - Service Delivery and VNF Assurance 


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