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vCPE-OS - Open Carrier-Class Operating System for Network Edge Virtualization


Part of RAD’s Service Assured Access (SAA) solutions, the Linux-based, carrier-class vCPE-OS runs on any white box server and is pre-loaded in RAD’s virtual CPE (vCPE) platforms. It combines powerful networking capabilities with virtualization for hosting SD-WAN and any other value-added virtual network function (VNF) applications from any vendor.


vCPE-OS - Open Carrier-Class Operating System for Network Edge Virtualization


Interoperable with open source management platforms

RAD’s vCPE-OS is interoperable with open source management platforms, and easily integrates with standards-based SDN controllers, orchestrators, and operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS) from major providers. Featuring a comprehensive management and security suite, vCPE-OS is unique in its convergence of key OS components of NFV infrastructure (including a KVM hypervisor, Open vSwitch, OpenStack, and other elements) with embedded networking capabilities and integrated drivers for LTE and Wi-Fi. In addition, it enables the seamless integration of RAD’s pluggable physical network functions (PNFs), such as OAM, Timing, TDM, DSL, and PON.



Key Features:


  • The Linux-based, carrier-class operating system for disaggregated edge devices
  • vCPE-OS consolidates an NFV Infrastructure, a vCPE optimized VIM, and advanced routing
  • Open standard Northbound Interfaces for management and orchestration
  • Optimized for high-performance and low resource consumption






vCPE-OS - RAD Application 


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