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vFirewall - Virtualized Firewall Function for IP-Based Business Services


Part of RAD’s vCPE Toolbox, the vFirewall is a virtualized network function (VNF) that applies security gateway functionality to WAN connections.


vEncryption - Virtualized Encryption Function for vCPE-Based Services


VPN and internet access services

Featuring both networking and security functions in a single software, the vFirewall is used to address all WAN connectivity requirements of a business branch, providing VPN or internet access services. vFirewall is available with all ETX-2i and ETX-2v platforms, allowing service providers to expand their managed services portfolio with a simplified and unified architecture.



Key Features:


  • Networking and security functions in a single software
  • Provides VPN or internet access services
  • Simplified and unified architecture
  • Part of the vCPE-OS and vCPE Toolbox solutions






vFirewall - RAD Application 


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