These products create computer networks by connecting ethernet devices such as computers, laptops, servers, appliances, etc. together. Ethernet Switches have copper, fiber or SFP ports that are attached to a high speed backplane for handling and separating large amounts of IP bandwidth. They typically operate at Layer 2 of the ISO models, but some higher end models operate at Layer 3 and 4.


Pulse recommends, supports and sells the Adtran Netvanta products and solutions.


Netvanta Ethernet Switches provide the following features:


  • Affordable platforms with flexible product options make it easy to find a quality solution to meet your specific network needs
  • Port counts from four to 48-ports and up to Gigabit speeds to accommodate your network’s most bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Robust QoS, Class of Service features, and PoE make it easy to transition your network to accommodate VoIP applications
  • Integrated wireless access controller for management of Wireless Access Points; available on some models
  • Industry leading 10 Year North American Warranty
  • No need to relearn programming for Cisco© trained personell
  • Intuitive web based graphical internface
  • Standard and 7x24 Support contracts



Netvanta Ethernet Switch Products from Pulse Supply



ADTRAN provides a full line of powerful, business-class ethernet switching solutions for all your network needs. Perfect for SMB and multi-site enterprise networks, NetVanta Ethernet Switches address today’s highest networking priorities from bandwidth expansion and VoIP migration, to network security and wireless LANs. Choose from managed Fast Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, or Gigabit Ethernet product lines. Our ethernet switches are differentiated by their security, ease-of-use, and management features like MAC-based port security, web-based GUI with configuration wizards, and cable diagnostics.


Download the Netvanta Business Networking Soulutions Brochure to get started.



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