Load Balancer Products & Appliances


Load balancer products & appliances allow multiple IP circuits to work together as one large pipe. They provide redundancy and increased bandwidth. Load balancer products may also be used with multiple servers and applications so that the traffic is balanced between them providing higher performance and redundancy in case one or more servers fail.


KEMP Load Balancers 

Pulse recommends, supports and sells Kemp Technologies load balancer products and solutions.


Kemp Technologies WAN failover and ISP load balancing appliances provide the following features:


  • Virtual, Hardware, Cloud and bare metal Load Balancers
  • Supported on VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, KVM, and Oracle VirtualBox
  • Server Load Balancing for TCP/UDP based protocols
  • SSL Termination/Offload
  • Layer 7 Content Switching
  • Server and Application Health Checking
  • Advanced, App-Transparent Caching Engine for HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  • Optimized Compression for Static and Dynamic HTTP/HTTPS Content
  • Layer 7 Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), SNORT-Rule (HTTP) Compatible
  • Up to 500 Virtual IPs (VIP) and 1000 Real IPs (RIP)
  • NAT-based forwarding
  • Support for Direct Server Return (DSR) configurations
  • Remote Desktop Services integration with built-in RD Session Reconnection functionality
  • Configurable S-NAT support
  • Web User Interface (WUI) for easy administration & configuration
  • Supports cloning and relocating with native Virtualization Framework management tool
  • GSLB Add-On Support



KEMP Technologies is the #1 price/performance network server load balancer products and application delivery controller, used by thousands of businesses who consider IT, e-commerce, web and business applications as mission-critical to their long-term success. KEMP Hardware & Virtual Load Balancers help companies rapidly grow their business by providing 24/7 infrastructure availability, better web performance and secure operations – while streamlining IT costs. KEMP Server Load Balancers are affordable, yet feature-rich server load balancers with integrated SSL acceleration, layer 7 content switching, caching, compression and much more.



KEMP provides the best load balancer products & appliances


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