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Device Management Platform - Yealink

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Device Management Platform - Yealink


Enterprise Communication Challenges

Enterprise customers who deal with enterprise communications face several common challenges. Many firms want to deploy UC endpoint devices to avoid expensive traditional system and to unify their communications into one system. At the same time, inappropriate deployment and management tools for the deployment of UC endpoint devices systems can lead to unplanned costs and a steep learning curve.

Because nobody wants an administrative nightmare, simple and efficient provisioning and management of UC endpoint devices is a key concern for any company’s information technology department.


Why Choose Yealink Device Management Platform

Yealink’s powerful GUI-driven Device Management Platform delivers a comprehensive set of tools for implementing up to 20,000 Yealink video and voice communication endpoint devices. The platform is capable of solving the complexities of provisioning, management, call quality control, and troubleshooting. The solution allows system-wide oversight and has the ability to drill down into specific needs for various regions, user groups or even a particular device model.

The Yealink Device Management Platform offers comprehensive management control and tracking while delivers a host of capabilities and integrated functionality to efficiently reduce the cost of operation and maintenance of a company. The system also enhances the user experience and increases user adoption rates while consolidating customers under one management platform.


Key Features and Benefits

Device Management Platform - Yealink 

  • Comprehensive toolset for deployment, management, and troubleshooting for up to 20,000 devices

  • Web-based intuitive user interface

  • Timing task for scheduling tasks at pre-defined times or after specified time intervals

  • Real-time feedback: operation statistics, quality analysis, and alarm notifications to diagnose devices when the platform shows an abnormality

  • Also available in a cloud-based service!



  • Web-based platform, integrating several functions into a whole

  • Group devices according to different districts, departments, and functions

  • Control all of your devices remotely on the platform

  • Execute task at once or set timing task

  • Multiple diagnostic methods, ensuring that the call experience always meets requirements

  • Real-time business and quality analysis, alarm notification when the device abnormal\

  • Multiple sub-administrators with flexible permissions authorized by the system administrator

  • Powerful capability of massive device management (up to 20,000 devices)



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