Pulse provides solutions for Voice Signaling Conversion
Voice Signaling Solutions from Pulse -  SIP, R2, SS7, C7, PRI, GSM and More

Pulse provides voice signaling solutions that allow legacy voice based systems communicate with modern or incompatible equipment. Today more than ever requires solutions to extend the life of legacy voice communications equipment. These include PBX's, IP PBX,s, Switches, IVR's, older gateways or any device with using voice protocols like R1, R2, PRI ISDN, C5, C7, SS7, V5.2, X.25, GSM or SIP.

Extending CAPEX allows for complete Return On Investment (ROI) with the addition of voice Signaling Converters.  By utilizing signaling conversion equipment, your original telecommunication investments can be fully depreciated. Investments in future solutions can be reduced by integrating older equipment that is still useful by lacking support for newer voice signaling technologies.

What ever the need may be to convert voice signaling protocols and interfaces, Pulse has the answers and solutions. For over 15 years pulse has been designing and providing Voice and Interface signaling solutions. We have several products and solutions to match your application and budget.

Don't let signaling conversions stop your network growth

Don't let voice signaling conversion stop your projects when utilizing legacy voice equipment. Use our signaling conversion solutions at a fraction of the cost for all new equipment. Those older devices have plenty of life in them and only require the proper conversion device to bring them new purpose, functionality and support for cost saving applications.

Pulse can help you determine what product or solution you need for all your voice signaling conversion applications. Contact us today.



Signaling Converter

  SP-201SA Signaling Converter for Voice Applications

  SP-201z Signaling Converter for Voice Applications

  SP-230 Signaling Converter for Voice Applications


  NC-AD300D Signaling Converter for Voice Applications

NC-AD300X Signaling Converter for Voice Applications

  GTW-2200 Signaling Converter for Voice Applications



  Citel Extender Signaling Converter for Voice Applications

Liberator S Signaling Converter for PRI to BRI ISDN
Liberator S

Suprima Converter for Voice Applications
Suprima LC