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iVeritas - SIAE Network Awareness


Records are generated by the physical network that may operate differently from what was originally planned in terms of availability and utilization. Changes may be driven by network capacity growth, by network changes or upgrades. Are your networks still meeting the planned and forecasted criteria? Network management systems allow the operators to take a snapshot of the network. Collecting and plotting billions of unsorted data belonging to multiple performance counters, in a static view of that moment. With network changes how do you correlate the information in a single flow? How do you monitor the lifespan of your network performance? iVeritas automatically interfaces with your database offering a simple reporting structure, correlating information and presenting the results in a clear and uncluttered view. All KPIs and thresholds are user-defined to gather, analyze and present the information of interest.


     iVeritas - SIAE Network Awareness


  • Whole network performance results in a single glance
  • Color-coded links identifying which segment has crossed KPIs thresholds
  • Single link performance trends in the defined period

It's clear screen views are of immediate understanding, offering value from the managers who only need to gauge the “health” of the network, to the engineer who needs to pinpoint the exact NE or link that needs work on.



Key Features:iVeritas - SIAE Network Awareness - Application

  • Designed as a multivendor tool
  • No training required
  • User-defined KPIs
  • The client can be any browser running on a PC or tablet





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