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NMS5 - SIAE Network Management System


From large nation-wide networks to small/medium regional networks, the supervision and management of the installed base are fundamental for the operator to run its services. SIAE MICROELETTRONICA NMS5 network management offers immediate access to the network status, fast identification of alarms via a friendly graphical interface, automated service provisioning, and field-proven Operations Support System (OSS) integration.


     NMS5 - SIAE Network Management System


NMS5 is an advanced network management solution running on either UNIX or LINUX platforms. This flexibility allows both large network operators with tens of thousands of deployed Network Elements (NE) as well as smaller enterprises to benefit from complete and exhaustive network supervision while investing in the most adequate solution. Furthermore, NMS5 also supports VMWare virtualized systems, for no investment in extra hardware, capitalizing on the existing infrastructure.


Key Features:SAIE NMS5 Application

  • Friendly and intuitive front-end GUI
  • High availability with geographical server redundancy
  • End-to-End Ethernet and TDM service provisioning
  • Advanced security management (SNMPv3, SFTP, SSH)
  • Management of SNMP third party equipment
  • Fault management with active and historical alarms and enhanced information
  • Friendly performance monitoring report visualization
  • Multi-user system supporting different client access applications
  • Support of virtual architecture
  • Modular architecture
  • Automatic new network element discovery
  • Report and log functionalities
  • Additional web access through standard web-browser EML Key Features
  • Full FCAPS support
  • Back-up and Restore
  • HW and SW Inventory
  • Schedules SW download
  • Support of different northbound interfaces ensuring seamless communication with higher layer systems
  • 24h customers support


EML Key Features:SIAE eml diagram - NMS5

  • Full FCAPS support
  • Back-up and Restore
  • HW and SW Inventory
  • Schedules SW download


NML Key Features

  • Hiearchical geographical map representation
  • A hierarchical view tree structure
  • Map and tree network view restriction according to user profile

SML Key Features

  • E2E Ethernet services provisioning (E-Line, E-LAN, and OAM)
  • E2E TDM path provisioning
  • E2E G.8032 ring service provisioning

NBI Key Features

  • SNMP proxy agent for alarm exporting
  • SNMP proxy agent for alarm with 15min and 24h granularity
  • Hardware and Software inventory export tools (CVS & XML file)
  • E2E service provisioning through web service interfaces

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