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T1 CSU ACE - T1 CSU - 1203022L1

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T1 CSU ACE - (3rd Gen) - 1203022L1


The ADTRAN® T1 CSU ACE™ is a compact, full-featured T1 channel service unit used to connect T1 data terminal equipment (DTE) and T1 facilities. The unit is designed to provide alarms, loopbacks, signal regeneration, line build-out, and surge protection. The transport signal maintains the framing format for both the WAN and customer interfaces and enables ISDN PRI to pass through. The unit is suitable for wall-mounting or desktop use. Five LEDs on the front of the unit (POWER, SYNC, NETWORK LOS, NETWORK MANUAL and REMOTE LB, EQ LOS, EQ MANUAL and REMOTE LB)display the status of the unit. On the back of the unit an eight position dip switch provides settings for customer premises equipment and network line build-out (LBO) distances as well as manual loopback operation. The two network LBO switches provide four combination settings from 0 to 22.5dB in 7.5dB increments. The three switches allotted for the equipment LBO offer five combination settings for PBX termination at distances up to 655 feet. Two additional switches provide for manual loopback (LB) in both the Equipment (EQ) and Network (NET) directions. The last switch is spare.


     T1 CSU ACE - (3rd Gen) - 1203022L1 

T1 CSU ACE - (3rd Gen) - 1203022L1


Configuration, testing, and diagnostics

The unit provides three bantam jack pairs for testing purposes. Two pairs provide interruptive transmit and receive access toward the T1 network or the Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) device. The third pair is a non-interruptive connection for monitoring data flowing in either direction. Two RJ-48C modular jacks provide the network and DTE connections. A 12 VDC wall-mount power supply that plugs into a receptacle is included with the unit. The T1 CSU ACE also supports wall-mount applications via integrated keyholes in the base. For additional T1 applications, ADTRAN provides several versions of the T1 CSU offering various features and mounting options. ADTRAN T1 CSU products include the T1 ESF CSU and the rack-mounted T1 ESF CSU Smart 16 Card.




Key Features:


  • Interface T1 DTE equipment to Telco-provided or private T1 facility
  • Transparently passes signal format and line coding
  • T1 line conditioning and jitter tolerance per ANSI T1.403, T1.102, and AT&T TR 62411
  • Supports framed (B8ZS or AMI) or unframed signal formats
  • Transmits unframed "all 1s" during signal loss from DTE or T1 network
  • Front panel status LEDs and bantam test jacks
  • Unit is 12 - 48 VDC powered via AC Wall Adapter (included)
  • Desktop or wall mount via keyholes in housing





T1 CSU ACE - (3rd Gen) - 1203022L1 - Application



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