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TSU ACE - T1 DSU/CSU - 1202295L1

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TSU ACE (2nd Gen) - T1 DSU/CSU - 1202295L1


The ADTRAN® TSU ACE™ is a low cost, full-featured T1/FT1 Data Service/ Channel Service Unit (DSU/CSU). The TSU ACE provides an interface between T1 or Fractional T1 service and the end user’s Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) for applications such as LAN-to-LAN bridging, Frame Relay circuit termination and video-conferencing. The TSU ACE provides access to traditional dedicated point-to-point T1 services as well as network termination for Frame Relay. Housed in a compact, durable plastic housing the TSU ACE supports synchronous data rates from 56 kbps to 1.536 Mbps at Nx56 or Nx64 kbps. A single V.35 physical interface provides a connection to the end user’s DTE equipment. For configuration and testing, the TSU ACE provides the capability for remote control from a host TSU through the T1 FDL channel. If the FDL channel is unavailable, the host TSU can use 8 kbps of the data traffic to provide configuration and control of the remote TSU ACE. The in-band control channel is used on an as-needed basis and is automatically controlled by the host TSU.


     TSU ACE (2nd Gen) - T1 DSU/CSU - 1202295L1 

TSU ACE (2nd Gen) - T1 DSU/CSU - 1202295L1


Configuration, testing, and diagnostics

The TSU ACE responds to standard local and remote loopback commands from the telephone company central office. In addition, the user has several built-in test capabilities including V.54 remote loopback and 511 BERT test patterns. Complete configuration and performance data is available from the front panel keypad and two-line by 16 character LCD display. The ADTRAN TSU ACE desktop unit also provides integrated keyholes in the bottom housing for wall mount applications or can be rack-mounted using ADTRAN’s custom-designed 19” shelves. ADTRAN provides several T1 DSU/CSUs for a variety of customer applications. Additional products in the TSU family include the TSU LT™, TSU ESP™, TSU 100™, TSU 120™, TDU 120™, and the TSU 600™. These T1/FT1
DSU/CSUs offer flexibility, modularity and end-user configuration. The modular approach allows the ADTRAN TSU family to serve in point to point T1 applications with a mixture of voice, data, and video.




Key Features:


  • Single V.35 DTE interface
  • Nx56 or Nx64 operation for data rates to 1.536 Mbps
  • Auto and Manual D4(SF) or ESF framing support
  • B8ZS or AMI line coding
  • Easy to use front panel keypad for unit configuration
  • Remote configuration from host TSU via FDL or 8k in-band
  • Local and remote loopback capability
  • Extensive built-in test capabilities
  • IEC standard power connection
  • Industry-leading five-year North American warranty





TSU ACE (2nd Gen) - T1 DSU/CSU - 1202295L1 - Application



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